What Would DC Super Hero Girls Do? Ep. 1 Battle of the Bully!

How would Wonder Woman handle a school bully? This combination stop motion animation and live action episode explores that topic in a fun and thoroughly super heroic way! In real life though there are better ways to handle bullies…it can be as simple as taking someone out of the situation before it escalates- take a look.  Thanks to the artists, actors and crew that brought this series to life!
Created for Warner Bros. Consumer Products Division
Directors: Kurtis and Kris Theorin
Producer: Amy Theorin
Writer: Kurtis Theorin
Cinematography, VFX, SFX, Editing, Sound Design: Kris Theorin
Original Score: Nick Angeloni
Live Action Crew: JTWO Films
Animation Director: Pete Levin
Lead Animator: Misha Klein
Animators: Heather Collins, Kevin Coyle, Sean Malony
Animation Director of Photography: Matt Hazelrig
Animation Lighting Technicians: Scott Beardslee, Charles Corbin, Lee Young
Animation Production Designer/Art Director: Emily Franz
Builders: Hannah Field, Bill Kieffer, Greg Pinsoneault, Jonathan Uttenreither