Something’s Awry Productions is a full-service production studio that takes ideas from script to screen. From exciting stories to kinetic animation, we’ve got everything you need for creating engaging content.

We Do…

We handle all aspects of video production in-house, allowing us to work fast and create uniquely stylish content.

Why work with us?

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with Something’s Awry. They delivered beautiful animated shorts that have been widely praised by all of our partners. Their strong storytelling ability and penchant for humor made working with them an absolute pleasure.”

Ashley Woodall

Director of Franchise Management & Marketing at Warner Bros. Entertainment

“[Something’s Awry] delivers high-quality content every time they touch a production. Their attention to detail and client service is something I wish all producers could mimic. They are able to work nimbly with tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and even limited budgets. I can’t say enough good things about them and the quality of their work.”

Aaron Behl

VP of Originals, Atomic Cartoons

“My team and I had the distinct pleasure of working with Something’s Awry. They are creative storytellers, sticklers for detail and highly flexible and communicative. This was especially important because of the nature of the collaboration between the creative team and three global airline alliances. The outcome was a unique, captivating and-importantly-effective way of communicating our story.”

Richard Carret

Director, Marketing and Communication at Star Alliance

Our Animation

We bring worlds to life with vibrant animation and heartfelt storytelling. Our company was founded with a love for hands-on, stop-motion animation, and has since grown to encompass all styles, 3D, 2D, and otherwise.

“It’s amazing how they bring so much life and humor to their animated videos and I’m continuously impressed by their quality of work and their speed of production.”

Lin Cong

Executive Producer, Tongal

Amy Theorin

Amy Theorin


An active member of the Producers Guild of America, Amy has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Delaware and a degree in Event Planning from Widener University. Currently a Producer and Marketing Manager for Something’s Awry, she also owned and operated a high-end portrait photography studio for 12 years. Before that she was the Advertising Manager for PNC Delaware. In her role as producer for SAP she has overseen projects of all sizes for companies worldwide.

“Amy is a top notch producer that delivers high quality content every time she touches a production. Her attention to detail and client service is something I wish all producers could mimic. She is able to work nimbly with tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and even limited budgets. I can’t say enough good things about her and the quality of her work.”

Aaron Behl- VP of Originals, Atomic Cartoons


Kris Theorin

Kris Theorin

Director | Animator | DP | Editor | VFX | Sound Design

Recently named one of Toy News’ 30 Under 30 to watch in the toy industry, Kris is a director, animator, DP, editor, and VFX guru. He has created content for several national brands including Disney, Warner Bros., LEGO, Mattel, JazWares, Tongal, Zing Toys and SOAP Creative. Stop motion animation is one of his specialties but he is equally as talented creating 2D and 3D animations, live action short films and commercials.

“Kris brings more than top-quality animation to the table. He brings a sense of wit and spontaneity that elevate the finished project to a new level. He understands the audience, what makes them laugh, and what gets them excited. And the audience response has been overwhelming! We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Rick Cortez- COO, Art Director, Contexture International

Kurtis Theorin

Kurtis Theorin

Creative Director, Lead Writer

“Recently named one of Toy News’ 30 Under 30 to watch in the toy industry, Kurtis holds a BFA in film production from Emerson College where he graduated summa cum laude. His script-writing panache and intelligent brand of humor is one of the reasons clients such as LEGO, Warner Bros. and Hot Wheels choose us to write and produce branded content and series for them. In addition to his commercial work he has written several award winning screenplays for short films and potential series. Most recently his highly ranked Sci-Fi series Kindly Metal Mother. 

“This is a worthy writing sample for a clearly talented scribe with out-of-the-box, original ideas. If this show concept is any indication of potential, then this particular scribe warrants immediate industry attention.”

The Black List Review-Kindly Metal Mother, 2019


Nik Theorin

Nik Theorin

Writer | Development | Casting Director

Nik is a talented screenwriter and development specialist whose scripts have won awards worldwide including DC Shorts, Cinequest, PAGE Screenwriting Awards, Big Apple Film Festival, Film Empire Scrypt to Screen Horror Contest and more. He is a master at developing pitch decks, giving notes and feedback to developing screenwriters and script doctoring.

“Nik is an incredible young talent who’s writing instantly elevated our work.  His rich visual story-telling skills leave me hanging on every word, and working with him is pure joy!  Not only is he quick to deliver, but Nik’s ability to understand a concept, provide clear options on direction, and ultimately craft a satisfying and well-told story make him an ideal partner to work with again and again.”

Joe Burrascano- Executive Creative Director/CEO, Nathan Love

Jamie Kleman

Jamie Kleman

Production Coordinator

Jamie has a B.A. in Mass Communication and English from Salisbury State University. She is the author of several books for children, including It’s Not Mean to be Green, which she adapted to the stage and toured for two years. Jamie has spent extensive time speaking at schools and youth organizations in order to inspire confidence and creativity, and she has also been a guest speaker at two TEDx events.

“We gave Something’s Awry a very tight deadline and vague direction and they blew us away. The videos they produced were a major part in the success of our launch of Thumb Drift. The feedback from game and car fans has been overwhelming and the 3M+ views of the videos across YouTube and Facebook prove that.”

Ashley Ringrose
President, SOAP Creative/SMG Studios


Nathan Love

Nathan Love

Production Partner

Nathan Love is an innovative animation, design, and development studio filled with passionate storytellers. Founded fourteen years ago in NYC by Executive Creative Director Joe Burrascano, Nathan Love lives by the motto “have fun, do great work, and make people smile”. They’ve since become one of advertising’s most iconic character animation studios. With over a decade of experience, Nathan Love is driven by a passion to tell great stories through captivating animation, memorable characters, imaginative worlds, interactive stories, and unforgettable experiences. Something’s Awry is proud to be a part of their creative team! Take a look at their website.

David Kilgo

David Kilgo


David Kilgo is an award-winning writer and frequent collaborator with Something’s Awry. He has provided content to over 25 major companies such as LEGO, Mattel and Kellogg’s. His contributions include video/series concepts, marketing campaigns, scripts and lyrics. David wrote the lyrics for both our LEGO Lifestyles of the Brick and Famous video, as well as our upcoming Hot Wheels music video series. Visit David’s website.
Jonathan Davenport & Andrew Cremeans

Jonathan Davenport & Andrew Cremeans


Jonathan Davenport

An award-winning narrative designer and product developer, Jonathan’s work can be seen in dozens of published titles for global entertainment brands including Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Nickelodeon. With nearly two decades of experience in family-facing entertainment, he’s served as writer and story artist for feature films, TV, games, Web series and VR experiences.

Andrew Cremeans

Andrew Cremeans is a Graphic Designer and Creative Director with over 20 year’s experience in the video game and entertainment industry. Cremeans has shipped over 35 video games and has worked with an amazing group of clients including Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Mattel and many more. He has also been a Concept Designer, Storyboard Artist and Graphic Artist for companies like Lucasfilm, Marvel, Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Consumer Products, and Google.

Nick Angeloni

Nick Angeloni


Nick Angeloni is a composer and sound-designer for visual media. He studied film scoring, video game scoring, and audio engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Most recently, Nick provided the music for the Something’s Awry animated short Mary & Marsha in the Manor of Madness, as well for their LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Shark Week videos. He currently ties his musical works to the name n-So. Visit Nick’s website.