Success Story: StikBots Plus Something’s Awry Production’s Unique Sense of Humor Add Up to Over 20 Million Views

Working with Zing Toys we created eight videos to help introduce five new lines of toys and movie sets last year. Each one was created with tongue firmly in cheek and humor that cleverly juxtapositioned the simplicity of the StikBot toys with the epicness of the story. Techniques like breaking the fourth wall and parody of classic movie tropes…

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Success Story: HOT WHEELS Music Video Series

With the growing trend of shareable MTV music-inspired videos online it is only natural that Hot Wheels take the next evolutionary step of music-inspired video content. Something’s Awry Productions was chosen to produce an entertaining Hot Wheels music-focused Episodic Video Series for YouTube that was fun, exciting and shareable.

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Even More Film Festivals

While we have been busy filming, our resident screenwriter Nik has been equally busy working on short films and stageplays- congrats to him for his recent festival successes!

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“We’ve been getting great results from your last Stikbot video… over 2.7 million views! Everyone in our office couldn’t stop laughing—great work!”

Alex Tongue, Digital Marketing Manager, Zing Toys