Toys and Tunes: Making Music Videos for Kids Brands

We – humans – love music. And why shouldn’t we? Music is a force multiplier for emotion. There is a reason we remember the trumpet fanfare in Star Wars or the picking of an electric guitar as 007 spins and fires his gun at the camera. This is not just true...

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What Would DC Super Hero Girls Do?

Something’s Awry Productions has created a new series for Warner Bros. DC Super Hero Girls! Each episode is a blend of live action and stop motion animation and showcases school-age girls and the DC Super Heroes facing challenging social situations. The girls ask themselves how their favorite super heroes would handle everything from bullying, to cheering up friends and dealing with rejection. The iconic characters come to the rescue by showing how they would overcome the obstacles in a smart, empathetic, and above all super heroic way!

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You Can Quote Us On That

We’ve all experienced that moment when a line in a movie connects with us in a powerful way. Whether the words are inspiring, heartwarming, frightening, or comical, one thing for certain is that they evoke an emotion that lingers long after the closing credits. I sat...

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Mom Takes The Wheel: 5 Reasons Mothers Belong in the Driver’s Seat

Want to be prepared for a journey?  Enlist the help of a mom. In order to avoid slowing down or being stranded, we think five steps ahead and anticipate what will make a trip successful.  You’re cold? I’ve got a sweater and a blanket for backup. You’re hungry? No need to stop – grab that container under your seat. In my work world this means double-checking every battery, light, piece of equipment, wardrobe, and script changes prior to a shoot.  Actually, I prefer three checks and leaving an hour ahead of schedule.

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Success Story: StikBots Plus Something’s Awry Production’s Unique Sense of Humor Add Up to Over 20 Million Views

Working with Zing Toys we created eight videos to help introduce five new lines of toys and movie sets last year. Each one was created with tongue firmly in cheek and humor that cleverly juxtapositioned the simplicity of the StikBot toys with the epicness of the story. Techniques like breaking the fourth wall and parody of classic movie tropes…

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“We’ve been getting great results from your last Stikbot video… over 2.7 million views! Everyone in our office couldn’t stop laughing—great work!”

Alex Tongue, Digital Marketing Manager, Zing Toys

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