Something’s Awry is the animation studio known for producing unexpected beauty and humor in an offbeat and intelligent way. Our clients tell us we’re experts at finding the absurd in the ordinary.

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Artists From Around The World – The Something’s Awry family isn’t just composed of a core group of people that are actually related. It includes people from all over the world that we work with on a consistent basis who we consider extended family and an integral part of the Something’s Awry team. Amazing, talented people with specific expertise that we bring aboard according to project needs.  In addition to our Something’s Awry artists and writers, we have relationships with cutting-edge talent, whether it is an individual or group of people that we can bring in to expand our team at a moment’s notice.  But rest assured that our core team works on every project to make sure you get the attention you need and make you feel a part of the family.

Nathan Love – As Directors for Nathan Love Animation Studios in New York, we’re proud to bring our passion for innovative storytelling and top-notch animation to life with them when our slightly ‘awry’ perspective is needed!

Diversity & Inclusion – We embrace diversity and equality in a serious way. We are building a team with a variety of backgrounds, skills and views. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We are committed to listening, learning, and continuously growing our network of people and tools designed to help all Something’s Awry employees and freelancers succeed.


We are a team of artists and storytellers who, along with our partners, create beautiful, animated stories that look at life from a slightly awry perspective. We ask questions, challenge the ordinary and work with you as a part of your team to create something amazing.

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Amy Theorin


An active member of Women In Animation and the Producers Guild of America, Amy has a B.S. in Marketing and is a graduate of the Professional Producer’s program at UCLA. Before founding Something’s Awry, she owned and operated a high-end portrait photography studio for 12 years. Before that she was the Advertising Manager for PNC Delaware. In her role as producer for SAP she has overseen jobs of all sizes for companies worldwide and strives to make every project a positive and fun experience, guiding the team and collaborators every step of the way.

Kris Theorin

Director | Animator | DP | Editor | VFX | Sound Design

As our lead Animation Director, Kris is the man behind Something’s Awry’s kinetic animation and unique visual styles. Working as an all-in-one animator, director, editor, sound designer, and VFX guru, Kris has created spots for Disney, Warner Bros, LEGO, NBC/Universal, and many others. After starting his career in stop-motion, Kris has transitioned into 3D Animation and his work can now be seen in movie theaters, TVs, and film festivals worldwide. In his free time he plays around with Motion Capture technology and helps his friends and family with their endless IT problems.

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Kurtis Theorin Headshot

Kurtis Theorin

Creative Director, Lead Writer

As Head Writer and Creative Director, Kurtis Theorin puts his wild imagination and quirky sense of humor to work, creating unique stories for international brands like Disney, Mattel, LEGO, and Warner Bros. among others. He works with clients to make memorable ideas that will grab the viewer’s attention. He also develops Something’s Awry original IP, writing award-winning scripts that are as funny and thoughtful as they are downright odd. When not working he is probably reading directions for complicated board games or watching classic movies.

Nik Theorin

Writer | Development | Casting Director | Social Media

Nik is a talented screenwriter and development specialist whose scripts have won awards worldwide. When not writing or managing SAP’s social media he can be found reading weird fiction or watching horror movies. He is a master at developing pitch decks, giving notes and feedback to developing screenwriters and script doctoring.

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