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Dear Travellers… Fly With Confidence

Client: Star Alliance, One World Alliance, Sky Team

Business Challenge:

Over the last few months, the travel industry has been particularly impacted by Covid-19. Airlines are taking the necessary precautions and are making improvements to ensure the safety of all travelers and workers. An additional complicated obstacle however, is restoring the confidence of travelers and workers alike.

The world’s largest global airline alliances, chose SAP to execute a new project with them through Zooppa. Star Alliance, OneWorld Alliance, and SkyTeam needed to create an informational video that communicated the changes and protective measures that were being implemented to protect both travelers and airline workers. They wanted it to be informative but not dry and inspirational but communicate the necessary information.


The aesthetic of old postcards was our main source of inspiration.  Once we hit on the idea of using postcards and “Your Journey Is Still Out There” everything came together really quickly. The postcards were a really powerful symbol of the joys of travelling and connecting with other people, two things we all are really looking forward to in lockdown. Plus it allowed us to make things visually exciting by showing off places around the world. We spent a lot of time refining the paper aesthetic, building sets and props. Once the idea and designs were approved we brought in our collaborators 2Tall to create the postcard designs and BFX-CGI to help with some of the animation. Then our Director and Lead Animator did some motion capture and finished the animation, VFX, editing, sound design and music and we were ready to go! The campaign ran across all social media for the alliances and was picked up and shared by travel organizations, trade groups, travel agencies, trade publications and individual airlines worldwide with thousands of likes and shares.

“My team and I had the distinct pleasure of working with Amy Theorin and the crew from Something’s Awry Productions. We quickly agreed that their initial response to a private creative brief would offer us the best opportunity to put our best foot forward. Indeed, we were not disappointed. They are creative storytellers, sticklers for detail, and highly flexible and communicative. This was especially important because of the nature of the collaboration between Amy, the creative team, and three global airline alliances. The outcome was a unique, captivating and – importantly – effective way of communicating our story.”

Richard Carret

Director, Marketing & Communication, Star Alliance

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Amy and her team recently on a ‘Restoring Confidence in travel’ campaign. A very creative, responsive and easy to collaborate with team. We had a very tight schedule to work to, and I am very delighted to say that Something’s Awry Productions exceeded all our expectations. I will gladly work with the team again.”

Maria Krasilnikova-McKinnon

Director Global Brand, Marketing, Loyalty , One World Management Company