On September 2nd, Something’s Awry’s very own Kris Theorin blew up his phone.

Well, not literally— but life has a funny way of imitating art, doesn’t it?

With a little imagination and a dash of VFX trickery, our new series of shorts puts the “awry” in Something’s Awry Productions, turning everyday objects and occurrences into something… unexpected. Our team likes exploring different creative avenues in our downtime, and with Kris’s talent for photorealistic 3D animation and compelling visual effects, we’ve cooked up a string of videos that provide answers to pertinent questions like, “What if the sidewalk could dribble?” “Where does your feed go when you’re scrolling your phone?” and “What if Pokémon’s Diglett was jacked??” (once you see that last one, you can never unsee it). Instagram and YouTube are no stranger to VFX shorts that use techniques like clever match cuts and perspective tricks to grab your attention for ten seconds of video magic but we’ve put our own Something’s Awry spin on the genre, combining the surreal and oddly satisfying with our signature brand of humor. And by all accounts, it’s taken off!

After we posted our second VFX short, which shows a phone blowing up with notifications before the glass screen literally expands and bursts letting the notifications fly free (see below). Life started imitating art in a fitting way: our devices were swarmed with notifications of views, likes, comments, shares, and messages. Lucky for us, no screens exploded. After a few days the short currently stands at 38.5 million views and counting, with 3.4 million likes and over 13,000 comments from all over the world— far exceeding our wildest expectations! Our creative director and animator Kris Theorin gained an additional 110,000 followers on his account alone, and he and the rest of the team are hard at work brainstorming and animating kooky ideas for videos to amaze our massive new audience. If you have a few seconds to spare and like your brand of magic on the quirky side, check out some of our shorts below!

phone blowing up with too many messages

My Phone’s Blowing Up

scrolling on phone

Your Feed IRL