Contrary to popular belief, lightning does strike the same place twice— look no further than Something’s Awry’s recent collaboration with OnePlus, where our latest VFX short for them went viral… again!

This time, our services were employed by Chinese tech company OnePlus to build hype for the release of their first foldable smartphone: the OnePlus Open. Like the name implies, the OnePlus Open features a folding touch screen that allows the phone to be compact in your pocket and also ‘open’ up to a larger screen.

Our team played with this idea of a phone opening and revealing something unexpected, almost like a pop-up book, to highlight this important feature in a surprising and satisfying way. What our animator Kris Theorin cooked up is a little chillier than lightning striking twice, but based on the reaction the video’s gotten, we must have bottled something regardless! The VFX short currently has over 3 million views on Instagram alone, with more collabs coming soon! Now who ever said lightning can’t strike thrice?

Watch the short below to see why you should never leave your phone plugged in once it’s fully charged! The OnePlus Open’s lock screen unfolds and bursts to life for an icy surprise!

OnePlus viral video photo

OnePlus Viral VFX Short

Viral VFX cover photo

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