What do you get when you combine live animals, pyrotechnics, and two big personalities? Usually a hit Netflix true crime docu-series, but sometimes it’s something a little more rock ‘n roll! With over 9 million views and counting, our new spot “Battle of the Bandmates” for the popular mobile game Toy Blast is off to a roaring start!

Bringing the lovable characters of Toy Blast to life outside the game came with its own challenges and surprises, but lucky for us, their playful antics and charm fit right into any scenario they’re put in. If you’ve watched other Toy Blast shorts you’ll know it’s nothing unusual to see Amy—the game’s cheerful redheaded lead character—and her stuffed animal Rhino playfully butting heads, but you might notice Amy’s looking a little more grown up this time around! That’s because our team reimagined her a few years older and gave her a fitting punk makeover for her rockstar debut. She’s certainly drawing crowds: The Toy Blast YouTube channel has garnered over 15K new subscribers since “Battle of the Bandmates” dropped!

Of course, this wasn’t Something’s Awry’s first foray into the mobile game scene (you can watch toy cars compete in death-defying kitchen-top races in our spot for Thumb Drift, but it was far and away our grooviest outing yet. Check out the full “Battle of the Bandmates” video below, and then take a look “backstage” with our behind-the-scenes breakdown!

Toy Blast screen shot

Battle of the Bandmates

Toy Blast motion capture Before & After

BTS Motion Capture Side-by-Side