S U C C E S S   S T O R Y

StikBot YouTube Videos

Client: Zing Toys

Business Challenge:

Developed with creativity and imagination in mind, StikBot turns kids into moviemakers. StikBot combines the use of social media with traditional toy play by enabling kids to become their own directors. StikBot features easy-to-pose figures and a  free mobile app, StikBot Studio, which allows users to snap individual photos and stitches them together into a film. Continually coming up with new products to add to their line of toys StikBot needed to create a series of videos that were fun, shareable and unique enough to grab the attention of kids who were already StikBot fans and those new to the line as well.


Working with Zing Toys we created eight videos to help introduce five new lines of toys and movie sets last year. Each one was created with tongue firmly in cheek and humor that cleverly juxtapositioned the simplicity of the StikBot toys with the epicness of the story. Techniques like breaking the fourth wall and parody of classic movie tropes combined to make the humor accessible to all ages and offered up such kid-quotable lines like “There’s a Tomatah in my nose!” The videos were a hit with both kids and their parents and have over 35 Million views combined.

Something’s Awry Productions is our go-to team for creating content to promote our Stikbot brand. Since we started working with them, we’ve seen Stikbot grow to become a top seller at several mass retailers and one of the most followed toy channels on YouTube.
Alex Tongue

Vice President of Marketing, Zing Toys