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StikBots Studio Stars – Rise to Fame!

Client: Zing Toys

Business Challenge:

Zing Toys wanted a video introducing their new Stikbot Studio set and app. The challenge was to create a fun shareable video that was entertaining but also outlined the features included in the new app. In addition Zing wanted the video to act as a tutorial on how to use the features of the new app.


We decided it would be fun to riff on the trope of becoming a self made star through the creation of YouTube videos since Stikbots has a heavy online presence and a large fan following. The video was created with stop motion animation and over the top humor in the style of an instructional video. Zing Toys was so happy with the video they have it on the front page of their website and it has garnered over 9 million views so far.

We’ve been getting great results from your last Stikbot video… over 2.7 million views! Everyone in our office couldn’t stop laughing- great work!

Alex Tongue

Digital Marketing Manager, Zing Toys