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Hot Wheels Music Video Series

Client: Mattel

Business Challenge:

Hot Wheels and music may not seem like an obvious association at first, but with the growing trend of shareable MTV music-inspired videos online it is only natural that Hot Wheels take the next evolutionary step of music-inspired video content. Something’s Awry Productions was chosen to produce an entertaining Hot Wheels music-focused Episodic Video Series for YouTube that was fun, exciting and shareable.


Working with Tongal and TribeSound Records we came up with a series consisting of six one-minute episodes each celebrating a different genre of music. The videos pay homage to Punk, Rap, Country, Retro, EDM and Heavy Metal. The series currently has over 8 Million views and was so popular Mattel had SAP create a :30 spot to play in theaters before the LEGO Ninjago Movie. In addition we created six lyric videos so that viewers could learn the words to the songs.

Everyone loved these videos! Pats on the back all around!

Aaron Behl

Creative Project Manager, Tongal