Something’s Awry Productions has created a new series for Warner Bros. DC Super Hero Girls! Each episode is a blend of live action and stop motion animation and showcases school-age girls and the DC Super Heroes facing challenging social situations. The girls ask themselves how their favorite super heroes would handle everything from bullying, to cheering up friends and dealing with rejection. The iconic characters come to the rescue by showing how they would overcome the obstacles in a smart, empathetic, and above all super heroic way! The series, entitled What Would DC Super Hero Girls Do?, helps spark conversations between parents and children, and inspires young girls to brainstorm their own solutions, all while offering the excitement and adventure that the DC Super Hero Girls are known for. We assembled a team of talented animators, set builders, stylists, and composers to complete the series of videos that will be released throughout the fall on the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel. Watch the first episode here:

Branded content continues to be a large part of our business, as clients are looking to entertain, educate, and engage the audience with meaningful stories and content. Creative storytelling is at the heart of branded content, and that has allowed our team to put our extensive screenplay and short story writing backgrounds to good use. Kurtis Theorin, Creative Director, begins each project by understanding what the brand stands for and researching the parameters of its universe. Weaving wit and entertainment into the writing, he often works backwards and fits the puzzle pieces together to make a chain reaction leading up to a compelling ending. “I grew up watching DC Super Hero cartoons like Justice League and Batman: The Animated Series,” said Kurtis. “So for me it was really exciting to get the chance to write in the DC universe. I want to make sure everyone watching our series now has just as much fun with these characters as I did growing up.”

The Something’s Awry crew is also finding success with our branded content projects because of our non-traditional animation style. Kris Theorin, Director and Animator, studies the script and then he and a team of talented animators, in this case a team of stop motion pros who have worked on such projects as Coraline and Robot Chicken and led by Pete Levin, utilize stop motion and digital animation, special effects, and kinetic editing to create dynamic footage that engages the viewers. “The quality of their work continues to amaze,” said Jason Provisor, VP Strategic Accounts at Tongal. “Their ability to masterfully and respectfully breathe new life into some of the world’s most beloved IP is something you don’t find every day.” This project allowed us to revisit some of our most beloved super heroes and have great discussions about special powers and decision-making. So get your cape on and enjoy!

Created for Warner Bros. Consumer Products Division
Directors: Kurtis and Kris Theorin
Producer: Amy Theorin
Writer: Kurtis Theorin
Cinematography, VFX, SFX, Editing, Sound Design: Kris Theorin
Original Score: Nick Angeloni
Live Action Crew: JTWO Films
Animation Director: Pete Levin
Lead Animator: Misha Klein
Animators: Heather Collins, Kevin Coyle, Sean Malony
Animation Director of Photography: Matt Hazelrig
Animation Lighting Technicians: Scott Beardslee, Charles Corbin, Lee Young
Animation Production Designer/Art Director: Emily Franz
Builders: Hannah Field, Bill Kieffer, Greg Pinsoneault, Jonathan Uttenreither