This weekend Funny or Die posted a video we created for them about how hard it is to coordinate schedules in modern life. We were nervous waiting for them to post it. The internet is not known for its kind comments and reactions.

First comments up were positive- whew! People found it funny and pointed out which of their friends matched each character. More comments- also positive- great! Then something interesting started to happen- as time went on more and more people starting sharing with their friends- from high school, college, old neighbors… sharing the video and wondering how so much time had gone by and how they should get together for drinks or dinner or just to hang out. They were arranging get-togethers, dinners and coffee dates.  Over 2,000 people were tagged in the comments. Even if only a fraction of those actually end up meeting that is still several hundred get-togethers our little video helped spark. It may be a small blip in the bigger scheme of things but it feels good knowing that we had a hand in making people’s lives a little nicer.

Making Plans + Your Friends' Schedules = A Lot Of MATH

Without this secret formula, how else can you see your friends.

Posted by Funny Or Die on Friday, November 1, 2019