S U C C E S S   S T O R Y

Kitchen Counter Showdown


Fast and Furious meets kitchen counter! This trailer was created to promote the introduction of SMG Studios new mobile game Thumb Drift. Live action toy car drifting chase created by Something’s Awry Productions. 2D animation and graphics by SOAP Creative.

Business Challenge:

SMG Studios wanted to create a video that would ‘go viral’ to launch their new mobile game, Thumb Drift, and generate excitement in the car enthusiast community as well as the general public. The challenge was to peak consumer interest in downloading the game for the iOS platform initially with a subsequent release on Android. The videos we created for SMG studios were not meant as strict advertisements for the game but something that was shareable whether you like that type of game or not.


We had a short time frame to create the original video and wanted to create a ‘real life’ version of something that had the feel of what an ‘epic’ drifting car race would be in the eyes of a child imagining it taking place on their kitchen counter. We obtained die cast versions of the cars used in the actual game and were told to incorporate as much drifting as possible. The video was almost an instant hit with over 700,000 views in the first 12 hours. It was picked up by several popular car enthusiast sites such as Bullet Proof Automotive and Team Drift Monkey generating over 2 million views and over 15 K shares and comments. We then created a second video for the release of the game on the Android platform. We included subtle car references that only true fans would pick up on and boy did they! The second video was picked up by several car sites such as Street FX, Car Throttle, Car Memes and Automundo generating an additional 1.5 Million views and thousands of shares and comments. Thumb Drift “has become the number one racing game in 60 countries and a top five game in dozens of countries including the USA and Australia reaching two million downloads in its first week alone.” Since then Thumb Drift has had over 10 million downloads and is SMG’s most popular game to date.

We gave Something’s Awry a very tight deadline and vague direction and they blew us away. The videos they produced were a major part in the success of our launch of Thumb Drift. The feedback from game and car fans has been overwhelming!

Ashley Ringrose

President, SMG Studios