Why working on personal projects can help your business

Why would a company ever consider working on a personal project when it will take time and resources and the funding is … well… personal? It’s challenging to add “free” work to your already crazy schedule, but here are three reasons why these types of projects can help you and your business grow:

The Thrill of The Skill – Developing a passion project gives your staff an opportunity to learn new skills and perfect the process and budget for future clients. For example, our team decided to up our 3D animation game by creating a full-scale short film complete with tiny swordsmen wandering through a forest frontier. We can’t wait to share our adventure with online audiences and film festivals.

Role Reversal Some ideas need a larger team to bring them to life. Collaborating with outside artists is a great reminder of how it feels to be the client and can build fine-tuned relationships for future commercial gigs. Something’s Awry Productions is currently working with NYC based Actuality Films to animate our psychological horror script This Dark Thought.

Attic Set Design for This Dark Thought by Actuality Films

Win / Win – It’s always gratifying to share your work with an audience, but it’s a double bonus when that work becomes a success story for your company. Our short film Mary & Marsha in the Manor of Madness began as a conversation in the offices of Something’s Awry Productions. Fast forward two years and this Lovecraftian horror/comedy has been screened at over 25 film festivals, won a few awards, been featured on websites like Gizmodo and Geektyrant, and most recently been picked up by Aardman Animations for distribution. Not bad for a fun little side project!


So the next time you’re staring at your production board and feeling overwhelmed, do what we do – add more! We can almost guarantee that working on personal ideas you are passionate about will keep your creative juices fresh, inspired, and flowing!