We – humans – love music. And why shouldn’t we? Music is a force multiplier for emotion. There is a reason we remember the trumpet fanfare in Star Wars or the picking of an electric guitar as 007 spins and fires his gun at the camera.

This is not just true in film and TV shows but also in videos online. Of the top 15 most viewed YouTube videos all but one is a music video. In advertising a study by Nielsen found that viewers judged ads that used music more creative, empathetic, informative, and memorable than ads that didn’t.

So why not combine that to entertaining effect by creating music videos for kids’ favorite toys? In fact, through our partners at Tongal we have done that several times. It was around the time we were filming a Hot Wheels car grinding down the neck of an electric guitar that I realized we had stumbled into a weirdly specific niche that was a perfect fit for us.

At Something’s Awry we’ve put together an awesome team that combines clever writing, catchy music, and fun, offbeat visuals that we hope will have kids and their parents singing our client’s song all day. I grew up thinking of crazy things for my toys to do. Now I get to write them down in our scripts. Our lead Director’s technical skills and VFX work bring the toys to life to act out these crazy ideas. David Kilgo writes our clever lyrics and the talented people at Tribesound Records create the catchy music.

So far we have made close to ten music videos for the folks at Mattel and LEGO with a few more slated to come out soon. The results have been pretty great! These videos include Hot Wheels – Electrical Ellipses (2.4 million views), Hot Wheels – Park it Right Here (2 million views),  LEGO – Lifestyles of the Brick and Famous (1.5 million views) and our newly released Enchantimals Music Videos.

I guess the moral of this story is that you never know what niche you are going to get called to fill, but you can go out and make it your own.

Oh, and if you need any branded content music videos for toys, give us a shout!