Something’s Awry, along with three other filmmakers were chosen to be a part of the ‘Warrior Stories’ project sponsored by Disney, Tongal and the Young Storyteller program. Based on a story written by 11 year old Joan Moreno and inspired by Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time our short film The Ultimate Yintegration brings us into the black and white world of the Yintopians and Yangterlanders.  The two groups live in balance on opposite sides of their Yin-Yang world. When a malevolent force from the stars instigates a war between the two sides, a Yintopian girl and a Yangterland boy must team up to save the planet and bring their people together.

The Ultimate Yintegration modernizes traditional puppet style animation by placing its 2D images into a 3D space. Allowing for more dynamic camera movements, realistic optical effects, and stylistic visual compositions. Animated over a three week period by Kris Theorin and brought to life with the vocal talents of Cassie Glow and Dave LaChance. The score was written and composed by the uber talented Nick Angeloni. The film is now playing on the Disney website.